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Nina Ansten StudioOslo

Nina Ansten Studio is a creative consultancy, providing visual communication services to cultural and commercial clients.

JØRGEN DOBLOUG book design and photography

Jørgen Dobloug: Full stop. Full stop. Comma, line – painting is a game with signs

Design and creative direction: Nina Ansten / Photo: Vegard Kleven & Nina Ansten / Published by: Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium / Editor: Mari F. Sundet / External editing by: Hilde Mørch / Print: RK Grafisk / Texts by: Morten Viskum, Per Hovdenakk and Mari F. Sundet / English translations: Andrew J. Boyle

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192 pages, hardcover, with embossed title on the spine. Offset print on high quality silk paper.

The cover design is inspired by the way Dobloug signs his paintings. His works are mainly acrylic paintings on canvas, and his signature is found on the back of the canvas. The book cover features a photograph of Dobloug’s signature on a canvas, printed on embossed geltex for that tactile feel of the fabric.

The book’s typography is set in Neutraface and Lubalin graph. The fonts was selected on the background of Dobloug’s typographic studies, and his use of alphabet in his paintings: A motif that came to play a role throughout Dobloug’s artistic career is the letter A. For Dobloug the ‘A’ is first and foremost a form that can be a starting point for his compositions in the way that it emphasizes and challenges the limits of the canvas. The ‘A’ is also a motif in his paintings and can be traced back to his first paintings from 1966, as a geometric sans-serif with a distinctive personality that the font Neutraface resembles. The font Lubalin graph is selected for the main text. Lubalin is a slab serif, also with a geometric character. (Designed by Herb Lubalin in 1974)

The design of the book makes the most of Dobloug’s expressive use of colour and brush strokes, filling the pages with vibrant, large scale reproduction of his work. ‘…These small works, seem like painterly petri dishes – a concentrated place where the interplay of painting, brush, canvas and artistic will can be explored.’ –Mari F. Sundet (curator)

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The Norwegian artist Jørgen Dobloug (born 1945) chose to leave the country and what he described as a too rigid art education in search of his own artistic path. In 1969 Dobloug travelled to Basel to study under the Swiss design guru Armin Hoffman. He later changed his path to study art at the Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorff (1971–78), tutored by Professor Joseph Beuys. However, certain traits of his paintings of the 1960s and 70s show how he benefited from specific aspects of the design course in Basel. Some of his work from that period can be seen as meditations on text and letters. Dobloug have a playful approach to art. His works are humorous, partly with contradictory elements in respect of both motive, composition and colours. The works span from strict geometric paintings including grid-patterns, to playful paintings executed with a rough, almost expressive, brush. There is furthermore conceptual side to Dobloug’s projects, that embraces reflection, attitude, and resistance, a ‘trinity’ of values that the book seeks to explore and communicate.

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Nina Ansten Studio creates concepts and visual solutions for: Brand identities, books, catalogues, exhibitions and cultural events, campaigns, orientation systems, websites, and more.

Clients are ranging from corporate companies and educational institutions, to independent galleries, artists, curators and organisations.

– The studio provides tailored ideas, concepts and visuals across different media.

Photography: Event, interior and editorial photography, documentation of art exhibitions.

Nina Ansten Studio has an international network of sublime sub contractors and collaborators: From printers and programmers to writers and illustrators and other creatives. This gives the opportunity to offer a specialist team, and to take on both smaller and larger projects.


  • Grafisk design, Web- og interaksjon, Interiør- og møbeldesign, Illustrasjon og foto, Rådgivning, strategi og tekst



  • Nina Ansten Studio
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